Test page

Click here to play with Zoom using a test page.


You can watch a recorded webinar for tips and tricks for instructors.

Fun Zoom facts and Tips:

It’s better to use your headset! This way when you move your head or stand up, it won’t change quality of the sound.

It’s better to schedule new and recurring meetings through the zoom.us website – you’ll have a lot more options.

Poll and Breakout Room Settings

Note: these options are only available for subscription accounts.

Go to Zoom and click on My Account:

Click on Settings:

Scroll down and you should see breakout rooms and poll options.

You can also change your backboard! More instructions can be found here.


Click here to learn how to use polls.


You can use the chat feature to communicate with students and share files.


You can record to the cloud or locally on your computer, and gain access to it in https://zoom.us/

Click here for more information on recording.

Breakout rooms

A breakout room is a way to split your meeting into smaller groups. A more detail explanation can be found here.

Students can choose to record if allowed the capabilities.

You have the ability to change the settings to allow you to kick someone out and not allow them back – this is good if anyone is being disruptive.