1.  Accept the invitation to join Concordia’s GradeCam Go! Subscription.  Set up an account.

2.  Create Classes:  Click “New” and add course information – Name, Period

3.  Add Students

  • Click “New” and add information – Student ID, GradeCam ID, First Name, Middle, Last Name
    • Students may be added manually to include fields above; or
    • Student information may be uploaded from Blackboard
    • In Blackboard:
      • Open the gradebook. Click on Work Offline > Download (found at the upper right corner within the grey menu bar)
      • Using default settings Click on Submit
      • Click on DOWNLOAD
      • Open the resulting file (you will get a warning message. Click ok)
      • Save this as a new file, you must change the “Save as type:” field to Excel Workbook from the drop down menu.
    • In Gradecam
      • Within the newly created class and within the “Students” menu, Open the dropdown menu by clicking “New”
      • Select “Import Students”
      • Click on the blue words “SELECT A FILE FROM YOUR COMPUTER”
      • Navigate to the newly created excel file you just made, click on the file, then click on Open.
      • Ensure fields line up with the appropriate Information. This will use the students COO# as their gradecam id. Click Next
      • Adjust any incorrect column information (typically this is correct). Click Next
      • Click Run Import. Accept Warning that this can not be undone.

4.  Create an Assignment – Assignment Name and Description

  • Multiple Choice (Exam, Quiz, Benchmark) – Questions (1-1000), Date
    • Complete Assignment Key – Default number of bubbles is 5, can have up to 10
      Select answer numbers, then Edit to change number of bubbles
      This also offers potential for “Matching” sections (ten bubbles 1-10 or A-J)
    • Can have more than one possible answer if desired – “Add Another Answer”
      This can be used intentionally for more than one possible response, OR it can
      accommodate an additional answer after class discussion prompts reconsideration
    • For a different type of question, Select the Answer number and then Click Edit
      (i.e., change the answer type to Rubric, Number Grid, True/False)
    • Option to create multiple versions of assignment (intentionally randomize order)
  • Scored Assignment (Project, Research Paper) – Max Score, Date
  • Credit Assignment (Homework, Completion) – Max Score, Date

5.  Print Assignment Forms (answer sheets) – generic or class specific

  • Generate Preview à Download Form à Print (can also Save PDF for generic forms)

6.  Scan Completed Answer Sheets (Students may use pencil or pen)

  • Install GradeCam Go! on computer, smartphone, or multiple devices for image capture. 
  • Offers possibility to review and correct unclear responses

7.  Reports (Multiple Views for Assignments)

  • Assignment – Score Graph (Average, Standard Deviation), Item Analysis, Item Summary
  • Students – Overview, Exam Report, By Question  |  Classes – Overview, By Question

8. Transfer grades back to Blackboard.

  • These first two steps will only need to happen once, after you have done these for each class, subsequent assignments will begin from the **** below
  • Perform any maintenance needed on the class in GradeCam to ensure there are no “extra” students who are not in your class on Blackboard. (Once you are inside the appropriate class you can remove students from the “Students” tab by clicking on their checkbox and then clicking on “Remove” in the menu bar.)
  • You may also need to download a one-time plug in to use the “Transfer” function. Clicking on this function for the first time will provide the instructions to download the plug in.
  • Perform needed maintenance on the Blackboard gradebook to remove students from the list who are no longer registered.
    • Within Grade Center > Full Grade Center Click on Manage>Row Visibility.
    • Select those students who are no longer in the class (usually they are indicated with a symbol next to their name)
    • Click Hide Rows
    • Click Submit
  • ****Within GradeCam****
  • Click on the Assignment you would like to transfer from the Assignments Menu
  • Click Transfer (upper right)
  • Select a class from the drop down menu
  • Leave this page open and return to Blackboard
  • ****Within Blackboard ******
  • At the bottom on the screen is a “Edit Rows Displayed” button, click then and type a number larger than the number of students in the class to ensure all the students are visible on the page.
  • Click “Create Column” to add a column for this assignment
  • Within the new page give the assignment a name within the “Column Name” field and indicate how many points the assignment is worth in the “Points Possible” field (these are the only required fields on this page.
  • Click Submit
  • Ensuring that the gradecam window has not been closed, but is still active in the background, click within the first row of the column for the current assignement.
  • Hit F8 (assuming you did not change this “hot key” in the gradecam advanced settings)
  • Check to make sure the grades transferred successfully. Occasionally mistakes are made.