Some documents require you to add your ID. To do this, open your document in Acrobat Reader and follow the steps below:When you open your document, you should be able to click in various fields to fill them out. When you click on one that asks for an ID, you should see this window:

Click “Configure Digital ID”. On the next screen, click Create a New Digital ID if you don’t have an existing Digital ID:

On the next screen, click Save to File:

Fill out the Name and Email fields. Filling out the Organizational Unit and Organizational Name fields are optional. Make sure the Country/Region is correct. You should keep the last two fields as-is:

Choose a location to save your signature and add a password. The password should be a mix of numbers and letters. Click Save:

You will then be able to choose the Digital ID you just created, or you can configure a new one:

Now you will be shown your Digital ID. You should enter your password at the bottom before continuing:

You’ll be asked to save the document first. When you do, you’ll see your ID appear in the field you chose earlier: