Below are answers to common Blackboard issues.

I keep getting an error when I try to log in!

This happens when Blackboard isn’t logged out of properly. Please clear the cache and restart your browser.

My students aren’t able to see something that I posted.

Make sure your content area isn’t hidden. You can see if it’s hidden by looking for an icon that looks like a box with a slash through it:

If you see this, just click the down arrow next to the hidden content area and choose Show Link:

If your students are unable to see an item you posted, such as a test or a file, you should make sure it’s available. You can see right away if it’s hidden from students by viewing it in the content area:

You can fix this by clicking the down arrow and choosing “Make Available”:

You may also not want your item to be indefinitely available. You can change this by going to “Edit Test Options” (or “Edit” if your item is not a test) and changing the date restrictions:

I can’t submit an assignment/Blackboard isn’t saving my changes.

Blackboard works best using Chrome or Firefrox. Please try switching to one of these browsers and trying again. If you’re using these browsers and it’s still not working, please clear your cache and try again.

How to clear Firefox cache

How to clear Chrome cache

If these steps don’t fix your issue, please submit a ticket by sending an email to Please include the full name of your course and details of your problem.