*** PLEASE NOTE: As our servers are based in Portland, Blackboard is in Pacific time. If you’re setting up availability time, please be sure to set it three hours behind Eastern time. For example, if you want your test to start at 10am, set the start time for 7am.***

Test: Assessment evaluated for a grade.

Survey: Anonymous and not scored. You are able to see if a student completed a survey, and you can see the total answers.

Pool: A group of questions that can be added to tests and surveys.

To create a test, go to your Course Management Area. Click Course Tools and scroll down to Tests, Surveys, and Pools. Click on that, and then choose Tests.

If you have created other tests, they will appear here. This is where we will create our test questions – the test options will come later. You can edit your previous test questions, or you can click Build Test at the top of the screen to create a new question pool.

On the next screen, simply name the test and add a description or instructions. Click Submit.

Click on Create Question to add your first question. You will have multiple options – you can see descriptions for each option here. Once you choose what kind of question you’d like to set up, you can go through the next screen and fill out your question and answers. Once you’re finished with your question and question settings, you can click Submit, if you’re finished or you’d like to add a different question type. Clicking “Submit and Create Another” will allow you to immediately create another question of the same type.

Once your question pool is complete, go back to your course and click the content area you’d like to add your test. Click on Assessments –> Test

Choose the question pool you just created and click Submit:

On the next screen, you’ll have many options for your test and how it’s presented. Once you’re finished, click Submit. Your test is now available in your course.