To access the Grade Center, go to Course Management and navigate to the Grade Center. Click on Needs Grading to see the assignments that haven’t been graded yet:

All submissions by all students are shown below.  You can be selective in what you see here.  Click in the white box below Items to select a particular assignment; likewise click in white box below User to select a particular user.  Click Go (to the right of User).

You can sort student submissions by any of the columns below; Category, Item Name, User Attempt, Date Submitted. 

Click on the title of the column to sort. 

If you want the reverse order of that column, click again.

Below I’ve selected to see the Reflective Journal Item/Assignment for all students.

Click on the name of a student to see the student’s submission.

Review student submission. Click Comments at the bottom of a submission  to comment to student.

The yellow area is used if you are entering a final grade in Blackboard and providing (final) feedback.

To view other students’ submissions, click the arrows to the left or right of the current student, shown in the green box.

  • Click Comments to provide information to the student.
  • The big white comment box appears; enter your comment.
  • Click Add.
  • Notice this student has written an entry plus attached a file. 
  • Click on the file name to open.

This is what it looks like when a student is creating a journal entry:

This is what it looks like when a student has successfully created a journal entry. 

The Student can see all entries related to Reflective Journal: Lessons from History.

This is what it the student sees when they look at the submitted work and the comments provided by the instructor:

The student can comment back to instructor as well.