Ready to add content to your course? There are many different places and ways to add content: content areas, learning modules, lesson plans, and folders. Each option allows you to create a different piece of content.

A good thing to remember is, you can turn off your content and hide it from students until it’s ready. You can also limit which content items students see based on date, time, individual users, course groups, and their performance on graded items.

You can set up an assignment so it’s not visible to students until they complete a test. You can even require a student to receive a certain grade on that test in order for them to see the assignment. For example, you can set an assignment to be visible only if a student completes a test and scores at least a 75 on it.

To start adding content, first choose which tab to add it to:

Each course may have different tabs depending on the layout. Once you choose your tab, you’ll have options to add your content. Build Content allows you to add an item such as a file, image, video, web link, etc. Please be advised: we strongly advise against adding large video files to courses, as large courses could create issues throughout Blackboard.

Clicking Assessments will allow you add a test, survey, assignment, etc. Assessments are items that will appear in the Grade Center,

Clicking Tools will allow you to add things like discussion boards and journals – things that students can participate in, but won’t necessarily be graded.

You can also add your own tab by clicking the Add Menu Item button at the top of the menu. Choose “Content Area” to add a new content area as described above:

Please click here for more information on adding content.