Step 1: Click here to log in to 25Live.

STEP 2:   Locate the Sign In link in the upper right corner; enter your credentials.

STEP 3:   Click on the “Create an Event” button in the center of the screen, or the “Event Wizard” button in the upper right corner of the screen:

STEP 4:   Enter “Event Name”.

STEP 5:   Click “Event Type”.  Select the appropriate type.

STEP 6:   Click “Primary Organization”

  • Select one of your Starred Organizations if you see it.
  • If you don’t see your organization, enter the first two letters of the name, click to select.
  • Otherwise, click Browse to search and select through other methods.
  • You can “star” your favorite organizations to make them prominently available for future requests.
  • Star an organization by clicking the white star; the star turns yellow and the organization is now starred.
  • Click “Next”.  

STEP 7:   Expected Head Count.  Enter the number of people expected if you know (not required).  

STEP 8:   Event Description.  Provide additional details of the event, if necessary. This description will published on public calendars should be entered.  Click “Next”.  

STEP 9:   Does the event have more than one occurrence?  Click the appropriate choice.

  • If one occurrence, choose the date, start/end time and pre/post event time requirements, if any.  Click “Next”.
  • If more than one occurrence, Choose first date, start/end times, pre/post event time requirements, if any. Click “Next”.  Click the appropriate repeat option. Click “Next”.
  • Note: checking this box will show only locations which are available for your meeting.

STEP 10:   Find and select a Location.

  • Select one of your Starred Locations OR 
  • In the Search by Location Name enter the first two or more letters of a location; OR
  • Use Saved Searches or the Advanced Search option to include special features, etc.
  • Click on the location to select it. Click “Next”.

Note: checking this box will show only locations which are available for your meeting.

STEP 11:  Find and select Resources (e.g. tables, chairs, loaner laptop).

  • Click Saved Searches, then Public Searches.
  • Click Facilities or ITS Equipment, depending on your needs.
  • Click on the resource.
  • To the right of the screen, note the available quantity.
  • Choose the desired quantity.

STEP 12:  Select Custom Attributes for the event (optional).

Click YES to include additional items/information as appropriate. Click “Next”.

STEP 13:  Select Categories for the event.  Click the box corresponding to the appropriate category. This will allow your event to be grouped with other like events. Click “Next”.

STEP 14:  Select which CALENDARS should publish this event. Check the box next to “Put this on public calendars” to publish your event on the Concordia homepage.

Final publishing decisions are made by the Marketing Department.

STEP 15:  Add additional Comments/Notes for this event.

This is for internal notes and comments, visible only to you and the approver. It is not used to make a request for equipment or for calendar publication purposes.

STEP 16:  The AFFIRMATION page requires you to click on the box next to “I agree” to proceed.  By doing so, you agree to the College’s policy and procedure regarding the use of 25Live.

STEP 17: Click SAVE to save your request in the system and send to the approver.  Your request is completed and is considered tentative until the authorized department approves or declines.

You MUST log in to 25Live to check the status of your requests.  You WILL NOT receive an automated system email that your event has been approved or declined, although the recommended best practice is that requestors and approvers communicate the status via email.

To check your request status, go to the Home tab, then Dashboard tab, click on “Events in which you are the Scheduler” in the Your Events section of the Dashboard.   Click on the List tab.  You will see your tentative and approved upcoming events.  Click on an event name for more details if necessary.